Local SEO package

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

People use Google as their answer to almost everything, including searching for local products and services like yours.

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for keywords your customers are searching for in your area. Whether they’re searching for a “local yoga class” or “dog grooming service near me”, people trust whoever is on the first page of Google, so if your business isn’t there, then you’re missing out on a substantial amount of website traffic.

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Who is this local SEO package designed for?

This package is designed for anyone with a local business looking for more customers. SEO is a gradual process that takes time and commitment, but when done right, it can give the best return on investment out of any other marketing channel.

How important is it to be on the first page?

There are some studies that estimate that on average 44% of clicks are on the first result on Google alone, with 18% and 14% of clicks being on the second and third results. This goes to show the importance not just of being on the first page, but being in the top 3.

How long does it take?

SEO is an ongoing process and although you will see improvements to your rankings in the reports we send you early on, it will usually take around 3 months to see noticeable effects to your business. Once your website reaches the the first page for your target keywords, however, you will receive consistent, qualified traffic to your website.

We understand that it is difficult to put faith in an SEO company, so please contact us if you would like to see some examples of previous work.

What is the optimisation process?

SEO is split up into two main areas, on page optimisation which is any changes we make to your actual site, and off page optimisation such as building links on other relevant websites.

Below is a top level guide to give an overview of the main aspects we will be working on:

  • We kick off the project with a consultation to identify potential problems with your site and then move into competitor analysis and keyword research to identify what you’re currently ranking for.  We’ll look to see whether there are possibilities of ‘quick wins’ or ‘low hanging fruit’, and then decide on a list of the most profitable keywords for your business.
  • We’ll go through your site and optimise each page for these keywords, this takes some time depending on the size of your site. In some cases here, we will suggest content and edits that you can make yourself so that we can focus on what we do best.
  • Setting up and optimising your Google local listing is arguably the most important off-page factor that can be done. We’ll make sure this is setup correctly and integrated into your website.
  • We’ll then work through submission your business to all the major listing sites and local directories, as well as building links on relevant websites and social channels.
  • Review moderation to see what your customers are saying about your business in order to enhance your reputation.

How much does it cost?

We deliver a fixed price local SEO package so that you know exactly what you’ll pay every month. It costs $400p/m and you can cancel anytime.

Our prices are fixed, but since every website is different, so we tailor our time spent optimising depending on your current position. i.e. every SEO strategy is unique and tailored to you, and our aim is to provide you with the easiest way to get the best results.

We also offer an SEO training package which is designed for businesses with smaller budgets who want to learn how to do SEO themselves.

Do you provide proof of work carried out and reports?

In the early stages we will have regular, sometimes daily contact with you as we formulate the strategy. Once this set, we’ll create an overview of the work being carried out, and schedule a monthly review to go through detailed progress reports and analytics.

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Do you have examples of previous SEO clients/proof of your work?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for example case studies.